• We will launch genipin in May
  • Geniposide, an iridoid glucoside, is a major constituent in the fruits of Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia fruits), a popular Chinese herb. Genipin, the aglycone of geniposide,is used to prepare blue colorants in food industry and also a crosslinking reagent for biological tissue fixation.

    We launch genepin in May,it is soluble in methanol,ethanol,actone,ethyl-acetate etc.Genipin is a white crystal, Melt Point:120-121℃, Optical Rotation:[α]D+135°,CAS NO.6902-77-8 ,Molecular formula C11H14O5 ,Molecular weight 226.2259.

    Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linking.It has a low acute toxicity, with LD50 i.v. 382 mg/kg in mice, therefore, much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and many other commonly used synthetic cross-linking reagents.Furthermore, genipin can be used as a regulating agent for drug delivery, as the raw material for gardenia blue pigment preparation, and as the intermediate for alkaloid syntheses.

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