• Any Side Effects Using Green Coffee Bean Extract?
  • Green coffee bean extract are one of the safest weight loss supplements to use because it only contain very small amounts of caffeine that normally would increase your heart rate and put you in the risk of getting heart burns and caffeine jitterings.

    Green coffee bean extract

    Bloating and Constipation Issues

    Several users have reported issues with bloating and constipation while they have been using a green coffee bean extract weight loss supplement. In some cases the reason has been because, in order to lose weight in a much faster pace, people has been increasing the dosage to way more than recommended. This might cause bloating and constipation.

    Green coffee bean extract act the little bit the same way as if you start to take a lot of fibers, suddenly, this will put your body to work overtime and will cause bloating and constipation. If you feel you have any issues in that direction using pure green coffee bean extract, the advice is to slowly increase the daily amount until your body gets use to it. What I would do if I were using the 800 mg capsules I would simply break them in half and take a smaller amount, first 1 per day and then slowly opt the dosage and amount to 2 times per day.

    That way your body are much more capable of handling the dosage and you will not get any bloating or constipation.

    Do not worry about a lower dosage because a high dosage does not mean you will lose weight faster anyway.

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