• Application of the Natural Plant Extract ingredients in Cosmetics Industry
  • Introduction

    With the the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standard, people are pursuing more natural, green, health and safety in everywhere, cosmetics is no longer a few people luxury, it has become a daily life indispensable part, which is the inevitable development of the times. As a result, the use of plant extracts in cosmetics is becoming more and more widespread, and the variety of applications is becoming more and more popular. Cosmetics prepared with plant extracts as active ingredients have many advantages over traditional cosmetics, such as overcoming the shortcomings of traditional cosmetics-dependent chemical composites, making the product more safe; natural, and omponents are more easily absorbed by the skin, Therefore, the application of plant extracts in cosmetics is the inevitable trend of market development. In addition, plant extracts have many distinct advantages: the source is wide and the mechanism of action is strong. In particular, with the modern extraction technology and analytical technology progress, its efficacy and related mechanism has been gradually found and confirmed in the sun, whitening, anti-aging, sterilization and other aspects of significant efficacy, can be widely used in many cosmetics field.

    30 kinds of natural plant extracts for the cosmetics industry
    (1) Aloe extract: a very good lubrication and moisturizing effect, but also anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and promote damage to skin healing.
    (2) Centella asiatica extract: with sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, promote blood circulation, increase skin thickness, for rough, dry skin and lip care products. Anti wrinkle cosmetic.
    (3) Ginseng extract: with the promotion of skin function, increase skin vitality, protect the skin and other functions. Chinese medicine believes that ginseng has beauty moisturizing, longevity function. For the skin, with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect. Particularly suitable for dry and allergic skin.
    (4) Grapefruit extract: with fresh, calm, soothing and other functions.
    (5) Hawthorn extract: with blood circulation, activate the skin, nourish the convergence, promote the role of skin function, especially for oily skin.
    (6) Hops extract: a calm, relax, nourish the skin function, especially suitable for neutral and allergic skin.
    (7) Aesculus extract: with blood circulation, promote absorption, enhance skin vitality of the function, especially for neutral and oily skin.
    (8) Horsetail extract: with convergence, to promote the role of strengthening the skin function, especially for oily and allergic skin.
    (9) Sage extract: sterilization anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, regulating menstrual cycle.
    (10) Kiwi extract: rich in natural acid, inorganic salts, minerals, sugar, vitamin C, with moisturizing, skin care and other functions.
    (11) Lemon extract: antibacterial, whitening, convergence.
    (12) Ginger extract: can promote scalp microvascular blood circulation, regulate blood line, consolidate the hair root, activate hair follicle tissue, so that hair root nutrition absorption is normal, so as to improve hair loss, but also can play the effect of treatment of dandruff.
    (13) Oat extract: with itching, blood circulation, sedation, nutrition, promote skin vitality function.
    (14) Papaya extract: natural papaya extract, with the skin to promote regeneration, firming, skin care, moisturizing whitening and other functions.
    (15) Peach extract: a fresh, anti-inflammatory, firming, moisturizing, and promote skin regeneration and other functions.
    (16) Rosemary extract: colorless products, with the protection of the skin, blood circulation, strengthen the skin, promote skin function and so on, especially for dry to oily skin.
    (17) Seaweed extract: a calm, smooth moisturizing function, and slimming weight loss, especially for neutral to dry skin.
    (18) Angelica extract: with blood circulation, blood, nourishing function, commonly used in female nourishing, can promote skin blood circulation, nourish, whitening skin.
    (19) Honeysuckle extract: with Qufeng itching, detoxification, antibacterial, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and other effects.
    (20) Pueraria extract: with heat, hangover, anti-aging and other effects. Contains rich flavonoids and protects the skin.
    (21) Licorice extract: with anti-inflammatory, soothing, detoxification, antibacterial, promote immunity, whitening, anti-acne, anti-aging effect.
    (22) Sophora japonica extract: rich rutin, with hemostasis, convergence, anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, sunscreen, frostbite, bleeding and other effects of treatment.
    (23) Bergamot extract: refreshing, regulating sebum secretion, suitable for oily, acne skin use, analgesic antibacterial, deodorant, sedative (to stimulate sensitive skin, can not sunshine).
    (24) Anthocyanin extract: high activity products, so far the most efficient antioxidants, in addition to free radicals, dependents for the "life of youth", relative to VA, VE, antioxidant free radicals strong 20- 50 times.
    (25) Tea polyphenol extract: extracted from green tea polyphenols, can be a good regulation of the skin's pH, inhibition of sebum secretion of excess oil, and with the skin surface fat lipolysis and oxidation reaction, so that Excess oil catabolism, it has a deep oil to the role, at the same time, tea polyphenols have a strong oxygen function, can remove free radicals, kill acne bacteria.
    (26) Mint extract: analgesic, anti-inflammatory antibacterial, convergence, fever, contraction of blood vessels, cool, remove blackheads.
    (27) Hamallis Extract: Common name "honeysuckle flower", with sedative, soothing effect, to improve the effect of acne, oily skin or allergic skin have a good effect, soothing, convergence, antibacterial effect The
    (28) Silver leaf extract: the main ingredients are flavonoids, mushrooms, cool, organic acids, organic alcohols, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc., of which flavonoids are powerful oxygen free radical scavenger, Species with a broad spectrum of bactericidal effect. The use of silver Yao natural foam cleansing cream can cure facial ringworm scars and spastic itching, hand rupture and other skin diseases.
    (29) Wheat or rice germ extract: The composition of natural vitamin E content is very high, it is a high quality antioxidants and emollients. Studies have shown that natural vitamin E easily absorbed by the skin, play whitening, skin care, anti-aging effect.
    (30) Polygonum multiflorum extract: the skin lipid peroxide production has a very significant inhibitory effect, can be used as a good skin anti-aging cosmetics additives; Polygonum is a traditional hair products, because of its temperature, to nourish the hair, Giving hair deep nutrition, so that the hair black and beautiful, "Shouwu" is the name of the resulting.

    Future and outlook
    Recently, the world's cosmetics mainly have two major trends: First, advocating nature, and strive to use natural plant raw materials in cosmetics, and second, consumers increasingly sought after the effectiveness of cosmetics, so that more active ingredients become cosmetic ingredients. In this trend, the plant extracts as the active ingredient of cosmetics is bound to have broad market prospects. In particular, it is pointed out that the herbal medicine as the raw material of cosmetics and cosmetic development is a bright spot, skin care products and herbal characteristics of the combination of the use of Chinese herbal medicine is both natural and has a significant effect of the characteristics of different The skin problems, effectively improve the skin skin. Domestic research on cosmetics with Chinese herbal medicine is becoming more and more active. At present, the domestic cosmetics market has hundreds of herbal cosmetics products on the market, this Chinese medicine characteristics cosmetics products' market will have a broad development prospects. Of course, the application of plant extracts and herbs must also be based on a system of scientific applications. Not only need to further strengthen the analysis of the efficacy of plant extracts and its mechanism of action; but also to strengthen its side effects and safety performance of scientific research. Not only need to further increase the plant extracts in the development of various types of cosmetics on the development efforts; but also to enhance the safety of products to ensure the advanced extraction technology research. It is believed that in future research applications, plant extracts will serve mankind better with their natural characteristics, good efficacy, higher safety and appropriate cost.

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