• Auricularia Polytricha Extract for Liver-Protecting
  • Auricularia polytricha is usually sold dried and needs to be soaked before use. While almost tasteless, it is prized for its slippery but slightly crunchy texture, and its potential medicinal properties, including its newly discoveredanticoagulant properties. Of note, the slight crunchiness persists despite most cooking processes.

    It may be effective in reducing LDL cholesterol and aortic atherosclerotic plaque, as demonstrated in a study on rabbits.

    auricularia polytricha extract
    Auricularia Polytricha

    What is auricularia polytricha extract?

    It is belong to Auriculariaceae. Scientific name Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc.

    Born in the tropical and subtropical regions, in the warm, wet season plexus, born in deadwood, dried up. Compared with the black fungus, the bolts were large, thick, coarse fat -, hard brittle chewy, and resistance is strong.

    Auricularia Polytricha has high medicinal value, it has ziyin strong, clear lung qi and invigorate the circulation of blood and hemostasis analgesic function, such as textile and mine workers in good health food products, and according to the reported. Auricularia Polytricha polysaccharide on the back of the villi contains abundant hair, is one of the strongest six in antitumor activity (other ganoderma lucidum, versicolor, birch plait hole bacteria, the tree, red tongue bacteria).

    Chemical constituents of Auricularia Polytricha Extract:

    It's the main active ingredients tremella polysaccharides, also contains trehalose, pentosan, mannitol, such as glycogen.

    Side effects and safety of Auricularia Polytricha Extract:

    Auricularia Polytricha is non-toxic and safe to use.

    Dosage of Auricularia Polytricha Extract supplement:

    General Advice , Auricularia Polytricha Extract polysaccharides 20% 1000mg-2000mg a day.

    PS: The above may involve specialized knowledge, Chinese herbal medicine does not mean no toxic side effects. So please be cautious to take it and do not believe in the online medication recommendations.

    As for protecting liver, besides auricularia polytricha extract, there are also other plant extract, such milk thistle extract, tribulus terrestris extract, echinacea purpurea extractraspberry extract, etc.

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