• Benefits of Consuming the Red Raspberry Extract
  • There are many benefits to consuming a red raspberry extract on a regular basis. An extract from red raspberry provide a highly concentrated source of the bio-active ingredients that are contained within red raspberries.

    Red raspberries are believed to be native to Europe but are now cultivated around the world. Red raspberries are the highest known source of Ellagic acid, which is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant. Red raspberries also contain a variety of other flavonoids.

    Benefits of Red Raspberry Extract:

    Red Raspberry Extract Benefit 1: Anti-microbial effects

    Ellagic acid has been shown to have powerful effects in destroying bacteria in vitro. This means it may also have beneficial effects in destroying bacteria in vivo (in the body) as well.

    Red Raspberry Extract Benefit 2: Prevents oxidative DNA damage

    Since DNA damage is a pre-requisite for cancer formation in the body, compounds that reduce this damage may also reduce the risk of cancer. It is believed that ellagic acid also increases DNA repair in cells.

    raspberry extract

    Red Raspberry Extract Benefit 3:

    Inhibits cancer cell proliferation and tumour formation

    A study published in 'Phytochemistry' in 2007 found that an extract from red raspberry can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

    Another study published in 'Cancer Prevention Research' in 2010 found that supplementing with a red raspberry extract can suppress mammary tumour incidence, volume and multiplicity. It may also suppress the enzymes involved in early phase carcinogenesis.

    Research has also shown that Ellagic acid may induce 'apoptosis' (cell death) of human leukemia cells.

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