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  • Export of plant extracts as a Chinese herbal medicine class accounts for the largest category, and the export amount is affected due to the problem of excessive pesticide residues and heavy metals in recent years. The latest Chinese customs data show that the export amount of China's plant extracts is $ 330 million in the first quarter of 2013, and lower than the growth rate in the same time of last year. And one of the reasons is that the problem of excessive pesticide residues and heavy metals in domestic extracts is serious.

    From the "China Natural Ingredients Conference", we know that the organic certification of raw materials used is increasingly paid attention to in the European and American supplement field markets at present, and natural ingredients used by the first-class supplement manufacturers all have strict organic certification. Moreover, China's plant extract industry standards are not perfect, the problems of products, such as excessive heavy metals and pesticide residues, etc., directly cause domestic plant extract enterprises difficult to obtain USA’s USP certification with higher threshold (including dietary supplement certification, dietary supplement ingredient certification as well as pharmaceutical ingredient certification) and the EU COS certification (mainly for active pharmaceutical ingredients), so that the development of our country’s plant extract export to Japanese and USA is seriously impacted.

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    Since the situation of excessive heavy metals and high pesticide residues in plant extract products can be directly traced back to original factors, for example, Chinese herbal medicine planting soil, water resource pollution, heavy metals added by unscrupulous vendors in order to increase weight, etc., therefore, controlling the situations from plant cultivation sources is an effective way to fundamentally solve the extract product quality problem.

    Shaanxi Province, as the largest province of our country in the research, development and production of plant extracts, has taken a new step in the control of pesticide residues and heavy metals. 20-year development of the plant extract industry in Shaanxi makes Shaanxi plant extract manufacturers firstly recognize that: it must be started from plant cultivation sources to control pesticide residues and heavy metals. Main body of Qinling Mountains known as the "North-South Plant Meta" is located at the junction of the south of Shaanxi Province and the north of Sichuan Province, with the east-west strike, rivers on the south of the mountain never freeze, the soil mostly shows acidic, and the vegetation cover is mostly the evergreen broad-leaf forest. The soil of the famous loess plateau on the north is rich in the calcium, the rich vegetation cover is mostly the broadleaved deciduous forest, and natural resources are very rich.

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