• Do You Know the Magical Functions of Golden Fruit----Raspberry ?
  • Raspberry is also called “Hong shu mei”. It’s a very common with rich nutrition. It is named “Golden fruit” by customers. For it can be used for cure many diseases and the special flavor.

    In ancient times, the pharmacological effects of raspberry were clearly written in many Chinese Pharmacopoeias. Such as "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "kidney, liver eyesight, reduction of urine." For pharmaceutical grade, raspberry will be screened and cured by many processes, and using together with other herbs. So raspberry as a formula material is not popular as other rare medicinal herbs. But in recent years, the extraction method becomes more and more maturity and the development of various biological extraction technologies are used in common, raspberries became popular because of its unique health functions in the international market.

    Many researches show that raspberry are rich in many kinds of nutrients. Many ingredients are more than common fruits, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, amino acids and other nutrients. It is the development of health care quality raw materials. Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd. should the majority of domestic and foreign customers, to develop some new health products. In order to meet customers requirement, FineSky devote into develop new health care product and create a functional food chain. Raspberry extract is one of our new functional products. The main ingredient of raspberry ketone can replenish effectively the body energy, regular immune, anti-cancer and so on. Many foreign customers use raspberry ketone for weight loss products. Then raspberry diet capsules become popular in foreign markets.

    Raspberry extract

    During these years, raspberry extract are used into cosmetic grade products. As we all know “Watsons”, there are the special skin care products using raspberry extract as the material. Raspberry extract can be used as water, lotion, face cream, eye cream and so on. The beauty functions are developed very deeply. And join into our daily life by a reliable platform.

    In modern society, human being has stronger health care consciousness. They understand that “Food cures better than medicine”. So the raspberry becomes more and more popular. These will courage us to start more researches to raspberry. This golden fruit will be made into more health care products and appear into our daily life.

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