• Ellagic Acid for Whitening Skincare
  • Usually, beauty whitening products contain a lot of skin whitening ingredients, but common whitening ingredients are acid, aloe vera, vitamin C, etc..Ellagic acid is a novel whitening ingredients, what effects does ellagic acid have for whitening ?

    What is the ellagic acid ?

    Ellagic acid is widely present in a variety of soft fruit , nuts and other plant tissues , a natural polyphenol component ellagic acid color reaction with ferric chloride was blue, the case of sulfuric acid yellow. Ellagic acid exhibit on chemically induced carcinogenesis and many other significantly inhibited cancer, especially colon cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, tongue and skin tumors have a good inhibition.

    Ellagic acid, the main ingredient : cranberries, blueberries, pomegranates, walnuts are categories of Graviola ( an Amazon rainforest plant growth ) and I3C and so on.

    Ellagic acid magical effect: strawberry so Xianrun dripping, because there are a wealth of strawberries ellagic acid, can form a protective film cells strawberry, strawberry prevent oxidation black.

    pomegranate extract

    Ellagic acid can used for skin whitening

    Ellagic acid is one of the effective medical profession recognized whitening ingredient. It is a polyphenolic molecules, widely found in nature in a variety of plants and fruits . Used for whitening skin, inhibiting tyrosinase activity, blocking melanin production, and Blemish whitening effect. In addition, ellagic acid can be effectively protected from external damage. Blocking the activity of tyrosinase, inhibit melanin production, and has antioxidant effects. Can effectively fight free radicals and reverse aging. In particular, can repair sun skin, under the skin irritation if damaged state, the use of ellagic acid ingredients added products that can prevent skin darkening sun.

    Plants extract contain ellagic acid composition

    Blackberry extract, raspberry extract, strawberry extract, cranberry extract, pecans extract, pomegranate extract, goji extract and other plant extract. Strawberries, higher levels of raspberries, cranberries and grapes in the ellagic acid.

    Ellagic acid whitening is the medical profession has been recognized as one of the effective whitening ingredient, plants contain ellagic acid whitening blackberry, pecan, pomegranate.

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