• Goji Polysaccharides' Benefit
  • Polysaccharides is another world for complex carbohydrates and is just one of the many goji berry benefits. We need complex carbohydrates in order for our bodies to grow and thrive. Polysaccharides are divided into two different types of complex carbohydrates include storage and structural.

    Storage polysaccharides include starch and glycogen. These are found in different foods such as starches which consist of potatoes, rice and corn. We need these as dietary fiber. Glycogen is stored in our liver and our muscles and is another example of storage polysaccharides that are needed to stay alive.

    Structural polysaccharides are found in cellulose that are found in plants. Cellulose is not consumed by animals or humans because we cannot break this down in our systems.

    In addition to storage and structural polysaccharides, there is also a more intriguing type of polysaccharides which is called bacterial capsule polysaccharides. These are produced by humans to ward off viral infections. They play an important role in our health as they act as a barrier within the cell walls and the environment in which we live. They are normally seen as membranes that cover important organs but the study of bacterial capsule polysaccharides is one that is being conducted by the medical community to determine the role this has in disease.

    Bacterial infection is something that kills millions of people each year. It is hoped in the medical community that a better understanding of polysaccharides and what they can do in our system can help us find cures for bacterial problems that plague mankind. Biologists are working towards taking a good look not only at the bacterial capsule polysaccharides and their relation to disease, but also the impact that consuming storage polysaccharides that are found in starches has on our system.

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    Many groups are now studying protein glycosylation, which is a polysaccharide, to see how it can be used with regard to bacterial infections. Although bacterial infections can be often treated with antibiotics, these are not always the cure for some bacteria. Biologists are hoping to discover the use for the membranes and how they can be used to treat a number of other diseases that plague us.

    In addition, the role of the consumption of complex carbohydrates has come into the forefront lately, particularly the role of whole grains which are now considered to be crucial to any healthy diet. The consumption of whole grains are considered to be one of the many ways to prevent diseases such as colon cancer. Medical science is doing everything in its power to see that we live longer and more productive lives. The study of organisms in our bodies as well as the foods and nutrients that we digest are all part of the effort on behalf of the medical community to make us live longer and stay healthier.

    Medical science has studied complex carbohydrates before in the past but are now making greater strides when it comes to the relation of polysaccharides and disease, particularly when it comes to bacteria as well as bacterial infections. This research will most likely benefit us greatly in years to come. Goji berries contain 4 unique polysaccharides that are found in no other food source known to man.

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