• Green Tea Extract Is Effective for Fat Burning
  • Green tea extracts have recently caught attention for a range of positive effects in the human body, which range from improved cardiovascular health to increased fat burning. Scientific evidence supports the use of the extract to improve the rate of fat burning as a result of increased thermogenesis.

    Green Tea Components

    David Tolson, a nutritional researcher and contributor to Bulk Nutrition, explains how green tea remains the world's most popular drink after water. He notes how the green tea leaves, which come from the camelia sinensis plant, contain a range of components; the leaves contain both chlorophyll, responsible for the characteristic green hue in the drink, and catechins.

    Green Tea Extract

    As the active component, manufacturers of green tea supplements standardize the products for their catechin content. The plant chemicals, which make up around 10 percent of the leave's dry weight, act as antioxidants inside the body and can aid the health of the immune and cardiovascular system. They can also effect the fat-burning process.

     green tea extract

    Green Tea Extract for Fat Burning

    Many factors influence the rate of fat burning in the body, including the balance between fat storage and fat burning enzymes. Dr David Bender, a biochemist from London's Imperial College, explains how the rate of thermogenesis has a large impact on the overall rate of fat burning in the body. Thermogenesis sees the body sacrifice its fat stores to increase the core temperature. The catechins in green tea can influence this process.


    Tolson highlights how the catechins, especially the potent epigallocatechin-gallate, can have a positive effect an the amount of fat burned. They inhibit the the enzyme that normally breaks down noradrenaline in the central nervous system, resulting in an increased availability of the peptide hormone. As noradrenaline binds to receptors to stimulate thermogenesis, these effects result in an increase in the process and in fat burning.


    Dr Abdul Dulloo led a team of researchers that looked into the effects of green tea extracts on the metabolism. Their results, which were featured in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in 1999, found that the herbal product caused a 3.5 percent increase in overall energy expenditure. Most impressively, the proportion of energy that came from fat jumped from 31 to 41 percent.

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