• Interactions of Cnidium with Other Medications and Supplements
  • As with many lesser known but potentially powerful home remedies, it is not easy to describe all the potential interaction effects between Cnidium Monnieri and other supplements and prescriptions you might take. Our best advice is to ask your own primary care physician if there could be any potential interaction between it and anything else you take.

    We can give some general guidance about common cnidium extract side effects due to interactions as follows:

    1. Be wary about taking more than one supplement for the same issue. For example, if you are taking a prescription or another supplement for erectile dysfunction, the two supplements are likely working at least somewhat on the same systems and thus a full dose – and even in some cases any dose – of both can lead to problems. Of course our advice in this area is not just because of cnidium side effects due to interactions anyway, since you really want to limit how many supplements you take and if you take a bunch for one problem it may become difficult over time to know which one is actually working.

    Common cnidium extract
    Common Cnidium

    2. Be extra cautious if you are on any prescription medication at all. We often make assumptions that a prescription medication for something completely different couldn’t possibly have an interaction effect with Cnidium Monnieri, but keep in mind that even if they do two different things supplements may be metabolized in the same place or may share some of the same pathways. In other words, despite our first point there could be some issues even if the two supplements are for two different issues.

    3. Also be cautious if you have any medical condition, even if mild. We say this for two reasons. First, a medical condition could respond negatively to the introduction of a supplement like Cnidium. Your existing condition could get worse by the introduction of this natural remedy. Second, this herbal remedy could mask your symptoms of your pre-existing condition, making it difficult to track how you are doing and when you need to see your doctor. This is not to say that you can’t take it if you have a pre-existing condition, but merely that you need to talk to your doctor about any potential interactions.

    4. Finally, if you are on a particular diet prescribed by your doctor you may want to make sure Cnidium Monnieri will not have any effect on what that diet is supposed to do. This last Cnidium side effects due to interactions is highly unlikely since this herbal remedy is not likely to have any interaction in this way, but this is generally good advice when you are starting to supplement with any herbal. Know the effects this home remedy could have on your diet and be prepared to respond if there are any problems.

    This herbal remedy and natural cure is unlikely to have any of the interactions listed above, but as with any supplement it is important to know what to look for as far as potential interaction effects and side effects. You may not even have to stop taking it if any of the above happens, but you may need to take less, take it at a different time, or even take a different formula. This is an active ingredient supplement that works well, and interactions come with that territory.

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