• Kudzu's Medicinal Properties and Benefits
  • Kudzu, also known as pueraria mirfica, is a botanical used in Chinese medicine for a variety of health promoting purposes. The flowers, leaves and roots are used for their medicinal properties and the isoflavones in kudzu are the primary compounds responsible for its beneficial effects. As with any supplement, talk to your doctor before taking kudzu.

    Active Ingredients

    Kudzu contains a variety of phytochemicals, which are potent antioxidant compounds found naturally in plants, that help to prevent and treat disease in humans. Kudzu contains the phytochemicals quercetin, which has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, and genistein which works as a free radical scavenger. The most important phytochemicals are, however, the isoflavone compounds -- daidzein, daidzin, tectorigenin and puerarin.

    Kudzu's Medicinal Properties and Benefits

    A plant becomes medicinal when it has properties that help the body to awaken and stimulate its own healing powers. Kudzu's healing substances help the addict's body to regulate its functions and avoid the deterioration that is exposed to the harmful substances it consumes. Among the nutritional components of kudzu are:

    Its high in carbohydrates, which provide the body with new energy and can help patients reduce the symptoms of listlessness, depression, lack of encouragement, etc.

    kudzu extract

    It is rich in fiber, which helps regulate intestinal functions of the addict, to treat constipation, eliminate toxic substances from the body and nutrients are better absorbed. Its fiber also helps to absorb less sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood.

    It is rich in isoflavones, particularly daidzein, substances that help improve blood circulation and irrigate more and more blood to the brain and nervous system, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

    Has soothing effects, combat excessive stress and helps create a relaxed mood to work with emotions.

    The kudzu root extract is a natural and healthy alternative for the treatment of abuse and addiction to alcohol and snuff.

    Helps to reduce fever and fights flu symptoms as muscle aches, headaches, etc. Helps soothe irritated mucous membranes.

    Very useful for treating chronic fatigue, apathy and lack of encouragement.

    How Does Kudzu Extract Work?

    There is information that suggests kudzu contains ingredients that counteract alcohol. It might also have effects like estrogen. Chemicals in kudzu might also increase blood circulation in the heart and brain.

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