• What Benefits does Shiitake Extract Exactly Possess?
  • Shiitake mushroom contains chemicals that might help lower cholesterol levels. It also contains very small amounts of a chemical that seems to keep tumors from getting bigger.What benefits does shiitake extract exactly possess?
  • 2015/01/04
  • Auricularia Polytricha Extract for Liver-Protecting
  • Auricularia polytricha is usually sold dried and needs to be soaked before use. Auricularia polytricha extract's main active ingredients tremella polysaccharides, also contains trehalose, pentosan, mannitol, such as glycogen.
  • 2014/12/31
  • Balloonflower Root Extract Used as Cough Suppressant and Expectorant
  • Platycodon grandiflorus is a species of herbaceous flowering perennial plant of the family Campanulaceae, and the only member of its genus. It is used as a cough suppressant and expectorant for common colds, cough, sore throat, tonsillitis.
  • 2014/12/29
  • What is Shiitake Extract?
  • Shiitake is a delicious edible fungus which can be found widely distributed in the forests and grocery stores of the world, which is also known as oak, golden, Chinese, or black forest mushrooms.
  • 2014/12/26
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