• Mixed Fruit-Vegetable Powder Applied in Health Care Food
  • With the improvement of living standards, People pay more attention to nutrition and health care . Fruit-vegetable powder comes into the consumer’s perspective as a new nutritional supplement, because of the natural flavor and high nutritional of fruits and vegetables.

    First of all, let’s talk about vegetable powder. Vegetable powder is from grinding dried vegetables. Thus its nutrients have been preserved completely. Vegetables include carrots powder, onion powder, potato powder, pumpkin powder, spinach powder, celery powder and yam powder category. Its wide application areas is not less than fresh vegetables. For example, weaning infants who can not or will not eat vegetables because of lacking of tooth. The elderly who are inconvenient to eat vegetables due to bad teeth. Some adults reduced to consumpt vegetable because of work or other reasons. The vegetable powder can replace and change this situation.

    Second, let’s know fruit powder. Fruit powder is refined by the fresh fruit juice extracted out of the clean and fresh fruit with advanced freeze dried technology, and then crush to be powder. It’s including apples, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, pineapple, mango and other types of fruits powder. They are rich in vitamin powder, carrot trace elements, minerals, as well as amino acids the human body must, lutein and phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, etc. FineSky provide high quality fruit powder which keeps nutrients of fresh fruit, high purity, color and good water soluble. It can not only used for food supplement but also good fo various types of nutrients. So it is very popular for all kinds of customers.

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    Third, let learn about fruit-vegetable powder. The vegetable powder on the market is suitable for processing vegetable bread, vegetable noodles and other food additives. The fruit powder used for instant solid beverage, sauces, fillings, ice cream, cookies, cakes, milk, candy, pudding and other casual drinks and food. On taste and color, the vegetable powder are not as popular as fruit powder. While mixed fruit-vegetable powder and mixed fruit powder can ensure the nutritional content of vegetables and fruit powder, but also take more advantages of them both. It can expand the application of fruit powder and vegetable powder. At the same time, fruit and vegetable powder has low moisture content, you can extend the storage period, reducing storage, transportation, packaging and other costs. Fruit-vegetable powder can be applied in almost all the food areas. It can improve the nutritional content of food, and improve its color and flavor, etc., and can replace the use of artificial colors in today’s society. It provides a great health guarantee for food and beverages product.

    On the foreign country, fruit-vegetable powder occupies larger and larger market. Currently on foreign food, health care products market, the share of mixed has also been magnified. Customers in different countries will propose different mix recipe according to their eating habits. Because the different proportional of fruit and vegetable powder directly affect the final flavor.

    Nowadays, the process of fruit-vegetable at domestic and abroad are moving in the direction of ultra-fine powder and crushed low temperature. After ultra-fine grinding, the particles of the fruit-vegetable can reach micron size. Mixed fruit-vegetable powder take the main market advantages: the ultra fine particles is more convenient in use. Nutrients is easier to be digest. The ratio of different fruits and vegetables taste better. The range of applications is broader for the crowd increased. Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd. has made a great breakthrough on ultrafine grinding.

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