• Several Kinds Plant Extract for Losing Weight
  • During product sales process, weight loss products is one of the the most popular product which customers frequently consult. Because that the plant extracts has more specific quality standards and high nutritional value, no and small side effects and other advantages. So plant extracts be a pursuit target of some obese people who is on a diet to to lose weight or worry rebound. However, due to limited knowledge, a lot of people still have many doubts about the selection of lose weight plant extracts.

    1. White Kidney Bean Extract - Phaseolin 3%

    White kidney bean extract is derived from fruit of the legume genus Phaseolus .Its active ingredient is bean vegetarian (Kidney bean protein) It is a natural α- amylase inhibitor, for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, is a green diet raw materials.   

    Lose weight function

    White kidney beans had the function of a mild chess, the stomach, stop hiccups, which is a nourishing food. White kidney bean extract contains a-amylase inhibitor which can inhibit the decomposition of starch, is a good weight loss medicine.

    White kidney beans contain Kidney beans protein which is a natural amylase inhibitor, which effect is better than wheat and other crops extracted. Mainly used in the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

    The principle of weight loss

    Amylase inhibitor is a natural bio-active substances, is a sugar hydrolase inhibitor which present in the endosperm of plant seeds, foreign called "starch blocker".

    α-amylase inhibitor play a slimming effect through the inhibition of amylase, and excreted through the gastrointestinal tract, does not enter the blood circulation system, does not act on the brain center,. Weight loss, while not suppress appetite, high doses have no side effects, and is very similar to Roche Xenical weight loss mechanism, in line with the lose weight principle of the World Health Organization. It is a green diet raw materials.

    green coffee bean extract

    2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract - HCA50% 60%

    Garcinia cambogia is originate in India, India call such a fruit tree Brindleberry, Scientific name is Garcinia Cambogia. It is very similar to Citrus fruit also known as tamarind fruit. Snce ancient times Garcinia cambogia has been used as one of the ingredients spice powder of Add li powder,. Garcinia cambogia extract is extracted from the rind of such plants, refined extract the effective parts of HCA (hydroxycitric acid), containing 10-30% similar the lemon acid extract HCA50% -60%.

    Lose weight function and principle

    HCA is derived from natural extracts, while there are clear medicine raw materials chemical composition and mechanism of weight loss. It effects this by inhibiting the synthesis of fat, promote the burning of fatty acids, reduce food intake, the Trinity, to get lose weight effect, it is a kind of rare. Currently it is t he most ideal and health effect weight loss health care raw material. In Europe and America it is the preferred slimming and lose weight healthy care raw material. HCA helps to prevent weight gain after weight loss (rebound) better. For those people who managed to cut down weight, by ingesting raw HCA added products, would be more effective to maintain their weight.

    HCA is especially suitable to Asians: Need special attention is that because citrate lyase (citrate lyase) only effect in the case of carbohydrate intake over work, so it is particularly suitable for starch-based food Orientals. In other words, Chinese people use HCA for weight loss slimming effect better than European and American people.

    3. Green Coffee Bean Extract - Chlorogenic Acid 50%

    Green coffee bean extract is derived from the Rubiaceae small fruit coffee, the coffee fruit coffee and large fruit seeds.

    The main components is chlorogenic acid, with function of weight loss, blood pressure, anti-tumor, kidney, antioxidant and other effects, can also be used in health food, make health food tastes sweet and delicious. The main extract ingredient is an chlorogenic acid, a good effect of weight loss.

    Chlorogenic acid effect

    Chlorogenic acid has significant effect on weight loss, antihypertensive effect, and its efficacy stable, non-toxic side effects; Japanese study said that chlorogenic acid also has anti-variation effect, revealing the prevention of tumor; addition, anti-oxidation, anti-aging,. Anti-aging bones also the effectiveness of the effect of Chlorogenic acid.

    Above all, those three products are the most popular weight loss Plant extracts products during sales process. Whether from the price or from efficacy , they are very suitable to be applied to women lose weight class health care products.

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