• Some Notes for Taking Olive Leaf Extract as Nourishment
  • Most people know, olive leaf extract is great for maintenance of cardiovascular health. Everything from seasonal flu’s to even swine flu can be warded off with the correct use of Olive Leaf Extract and vitamin B6 safety. Most retailers of health food will tell you that Olive Leaf Extract is currently one of the best immunity boosters out there. Now that is saying something about the benefits of this herbal extract. In fact, the herb is no novelty in ancient cultures wherein it has been revered health benefits for hundreds of years.

    olive leaf extract

    If pregnant especially or breastfeeding, do not take olive leaf extract unless under the continual guidance of a qualified and informed health care practitioner.

    While there are no known adverse effects, no research has been done to establish safety under these circumstances.

    If you are using olive leaf extract for the first time, always start with low dosages to gauge the effect on your body.

    Olive leaf sometimes attacks a dormant pathogen left in your body from long ago resulting in a brief return of old symptoms as it eliminates the offender.

    This may seem disadvantageous at first but bear in mind that dormant pathogens can become active again as you age and your immune system begins to weaken or become overloaded.

    It may be better to get rid of them while you have the upper hand.

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