• What are Common Sanitarian Benefits of Herbal Epimedium Extract?
  • Epimedium offers effective support in conditions that result from kidney yang deficiency, such as impotence and chronic prostatitis in males, and irregular menses, infertility and menopause in females.

    Epimedium extract

    Icariin is the active ingredient in epimedium extract (Horny Goat Weed). The benefits of epimedium extract have been shown in research to increase circulating levels of testosterone and Nitric Oxide. Icariin has also shown to have a positive influence on treating sexual disfunction. The key common benefits of epimedium extract are listed as below:

    1. Improve sexual drive and testosterone level

    Epimedium extract is mainly used in China, United States and other western countries as an Aphrodisiac. It can cure Erectile dysfunction (ED), enhance sexual performance by enhancing the testosterone level.

    Epimedium products have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a means to treat male sexual disorders. Epimedium herbal supplements can be used to increase male sexual potency and also serve as a powerful aphrodisiac, thus boosting the libido in men. Icariin benefits are not limited to just boosting libido and sexual energy. Icariin is also noted to increase lean muscle production to help men achieve a more muscular physique. This mechanism is the reason why icariin is an active ingredient of numerous supplements used by athletes and body builders. Icariin helps produce healthy energy levels, supports endurance, and decreases the physical effects of stress to the body.

    2. Epimedium and Osteoporosis

    Developing research shows that taking a specific extract of horny goat weed for 24 months seems to decrease bone loss of the spine and hip in women who have passed menopause. Epimedium as a supplement features ingredients that can help manage cortisol levels within the blood. As a result, a reduction of bone deterioration and an increase in muscle mass can occur within the body since cortisol levels directly affect these body structures.

    3. Anti-Cancer For Many Cancers.

    Epimedium extract offers significant benefits in treating certain cancers. It contains active ingredients, which inhibit growth of too much blood vessels in the body, thereby limiting the possible development of cancer tumors both on skin and in the organs. Furthermore, lab tests show the capability of epimedium extracts to stop cell growth of cancer cells.

    4. Memory Protection.

    It looks like Icarrin can protect the brain from the deadly tau proteins that are characteristic of Alzheimer's. Animal studies strongly indicate that Icarrin can protect against certain kinds of memory loss. That includes memory loss resulting from aluminum damage.

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