• What Function Does Olive Leaf Extract Possess in Medical Respect?
  • Olive leaf extract can be obtained by steeping over water to extract the juices. When used in supplements, olive leaf extract is processed into a fine, brownish-yellow powder. Olive leaf extract supplements contain 15% to 20% oleuropein, and usually varying amounts of esters, rutin, luteonin, apigenin, and multiple iridoids.


    What function does olive leaf extract possess? The following will show you:

    1. Inhibiting the growth of every virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa and killing them.

    2. Preventing the onset of colds, flu, and a range of viruses, yeast, fungal and mould problems, bacterial infections, and parasites. Even being found as an effective treatment and preventive for malaria.

    Olive leaf

    Olive Leaf

    3. Powerful effects on anti-infectious disease, such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulpitis, leukoplakia, stomatitis, herpes, bacterial skin infections and Helicobacter pylori. Resveratrol is also available.

    4. Being lethal to some cancer cells based upon it's general immune enhancing properties.

    5. Being a useful treatment for the opportunistic infections associated with HIV.

    6. Lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieving arrhythmias, preventing the hardening of the arteries. due to its powerful anti-oxidant qualities being more powerful than green tea extract, and vitamins C and E (ORAC value of 10,465 mmol TE/g compared to 5,937 mmol for a green tea extract).

    7. Improving the auto-immune disorder, as rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Lupus, Crohn's disease, myasthenia gravis, asthma, psoriasis, macular degeneration, diabetes and many more.

    As for the above benefits, polygonum cuspidatum extract, resveratrol and soybean extract also have the same functions, but olive leaf extract is more remarkable.

    The new Olive Leaf Extract extract not only confirms the earlier test finding (less the serum binding problem), but seems to show itself as an immune system builder by directly stimulating phagocyte production (phogocytosis). It also contains natural flavinoids and esters that create a structural complex that infectious microorganisms may not readily develop a resistance to. Biochemists have determined that the extract has multiple iridoids and that the synergy of them working together is the reason for the wide spectrum effect.

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