• What is Benefits of Taking Yohimbe Bark Extract Supplements?
  • As plant extract, yohimbe bark extract contains the active chemical yohimbine, also known as indole alkaloid, and is found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree.

    Yohimbe bark extract
    Yohimbe Bark

    What is benefits of taking yohimbe bark extract supplements? The following will give you answer:

    1) Erectile Dysfunction

    Yohimbine has been found to relax and dilate blood vessels in the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and erection. It may also stimulate areas in the brain involved in sexual desire.

    Studies on the effectiveness of yohimbine have had conflicting findings. For organic erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction caused by a physical problem), one small uncontrolled study found that yohimbine was beneficial for men with organic erectile dysfunction. Another study found it was no more effective than a placebo.

    Yohimbine appears to work better for erectile dysfunction not caused by a physical problem. A German study examined whether 30 mg/day of yohimbine for 4 weeks would help men with erectile dysfunction not due to a physical problem. Yohimbine was found to be more effective than placebo (71% vs 45%).

    The benefits of yohimbe bark extract is fairly remarkable in this side.

    2) Weight Loss

    Yohimbine has been found to increase lipolysis by increasing the release of norepinephrine available to fat cells and blocking alpha-2 receptor activation. However, a controlled study found that 43 mg/day yohimbe had no effect on body weight, body mass index, body fat, fat distribution, and cholesterol levels.

    3) Depression

    Yohimbe has been promoted as a herbal remedy for depression, because it blocks an enzyme called monoamine oxidase. However, this is only found in higher doses (over 50 mg/day).

    4) Sports Nutrition

    As a stimulant, yohimbe may theoretically increase fat metabolism. The main alkaloid in yohimbe is yohimbine, which can be toxic if used in excess amounts. This alkaloid blocks a particular receptor that increases sympathetic nervous system output so you get more adrenaline and, thus, increased metabolism.

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    PS: The above may involve specialized knowledge, Chinese herbal medicine does not mean no toxic side effects. So please be cautious to take it and do not believe in the online medication recommendations.

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