• What Symptoms Does Cnidium Monnier Extract Help With?
  • Cnidium monnier, i.e. common cnidium, contains compounds called “Coumarins”, the most prominent of which are Osthole and Imperatorin. The other chemicals in Cnidium known to have a positive effect in one way or another are Xanthotoxin, Bergapten, and Tetramethylpyrazine. It also has compounds in the family called Terpenoids, including Alpha-Pinene and Limoene. The bottom line though is that Osthole is doing most of the positive healing work.

    Common cnidium extract
    Cnidium Monnier

    Common cnidium extract, when used as an herbal remedy, has been shows to help with the following symptoms:

    1. Low intimate drive in men and women is one of the major Cnidium benefits. While many consider Cnidium Monnieri as only helpful for men with erectile dysfunction, it also seems to give women a boost as far as interest and desire as well. See your doctor if you suspect an underlying medical problem, but if you think you are just experiencing a normal or temporary decline this herbal remedy might help.

    2. Erectile dysfunction is the most studied use of this home remedy, and could be an alternative to more expensive and potentially embarrassing prescriptions. You should make sure to see your doctor first to make sure that this is an effective approach. This is a way to stay away from using your insurance or having to go to the pharmacy if you have a kind of ED that will respond to Cnidium Monnieri.

    3. Skin Rashes and Infections can be addressed with a topical solution of Cnidium Extract. It is interesting that this particular herbal remedy can be used as a supplement for the reasons above, and also topically for a completely different use. It is important to have an experienced herbalist help you make the Cnidium paste for external use, at least the first time, so you get it right.

    4. Low muscle mass may respond favorably to Cnidium Monnieri if the supplement is taken regularly. Again, see your doctor first since it may be that she or he will have you do other things as well. But assuming she or he gives you the go ahead, you may get some Cnidium benefits from regular use.

    5. Weakened bones may improve with long-term use of Cnidium Monnieri, or at least that is what has been hypothesized. This effect has not been widely studied so if this is an issue you have or fear it might be that you supplement your medical routine by adding Cnidium extract as a secondary supplement.

    6. Low energy may sometimes improve with the use of this herbal remedy, and that may be why it helps with interest and desire as noted above. This may be the second most common of the Cnidium benefits and one that may improve even more with regular use.

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