• When Should You be Cautious to Take Common Cnidium as Home Remedy?
  • Cnidium for internal use often comes in a form where it is mixed with other herbal remedies, most commonly cuscuta. These combinations work together to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. Though these approaches can be very effective, we do not suggest starting with a combination approach because then it can be hard to know what is actually working and what your actual cnidium dosage even is.

    Common Cnidium
    Common Cnidium

    But after a while when you know what the effect of a certain Cnidium dosage actually is, then mixing in another herbal remedy or taking a premade mix that contains them both ingredients in clear doses can be very effective. But in some situations, you can not take common cnidium. Because it may be harmful for you.

    In brief, be cautious with common cnidium extract as home remedy if you are in the following situation:

    - You experience specific Cnidium side effects such as changes in sleep or appetite, decreased energy, or discomfort in any area where it is used topically. If they are quite mild you may want to give it a little more time before stopping, but if the Cnidium side effects that you experience are anywhere close to moderate and certainly if they are severe you should at least see your doctor

    - Your condition is severe because you should see your doctor first before taking Cnidium Monnieri or for that matter any herbal remedy when more severe symptoms are present. It still may be okay but she or he needs to rule other causes out, including those that would not respond to this herbal remedy.

    - You are looking to take Cnidium Monnieri for something it is not reported to help which can be tempting with any herbal remedy since oftentimes new uses and possibilities are discovered all the time. However, it is unlikely that the random use of Cnidium Monnieri will affect other issues.

    - You are making it yourself if you have little experience making home remedies – have an experienced herbalist make the remedy for you at least the first time.

    - You are high risk, such as taking other medications are a women who is pregnant or breast-feeding, or have an existing illness.

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