• When Should You Take Common Cnidium P.E. for Maximum Effects?
  • Common cnidium extract, i.e. common cnidium P.E. assists the body in producing nitric oxide, which relaxes smooth muscles and works to encourage healthy sexual function, and it has been used to treat male sexual dysfunction. It also shows promise in the areas of osteoporosis, allergies and carcinoma research. it is also said to be 'anti-aging' and to 'build up strength', highly vague claims.

    When should you take common cnidium P.E. for maximum effects?

    There are not enough studies about cnidium monnieri for us to make a concrete recommendation as to when you should take this herbal remedy for maximum effect. This is particularly true, of course, if you are taking common cnidium extract for a problem that requires timing, such as erectile dysfunction. Our best advice is to experiment with taking it at different times and seeing which one worked best, but we can give you some general beginning guidelines.

    common cnidium
    Cnidium Monnieri 

    First, start with a standard time that make it easy to remember to take common cnidium extract, such as when you wake up or before bed. Stick with this initial time for a while and get in the habit of taking it then. Do not give up too quickly because in some cases it can take a little while for cnidium to work if this is the first time you are taking it. It is quite possible that it will not matter exactly when you take this herbal remedy, so choosing the time that is easiest and most likely to result in taking it regularly may turn out to be the best bet.

    If you are not getting a positive response taking common cnidium extract at the first time, move the time closer to when you need the effect. If you are choosing cnidium for erectile dysfunction, take it before bed for example. If this herbal remedy is optimal for you soon after it is taken, this move could pay off. If course you’ll have to make sure you stay with this new routine and as with our first suggestion do not give up too soon.

    If neither of the above seem to work and you are taking the correct dose of common cnidium extract, the next step would be to split the herbal remedy, perhaps taking it twice each day at half a dose each. This may help you get the level of common cnidium extract you need.

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