• Where is Antioxidant Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract Applied?
  • Olive leaf is the leaf of the olive tree (Olea europaea). While olive oil is well known for its flavor and health benefits, the leaf has been used medicinally in various times and places. Olive leaf and olive leaf extract (OLE), are now marketed as anti-aging, immunostimulator, and antibiotic agents. Though there is some laboratory evidence for these effects in biological standardization experiments (i.e., bioassays), clinical evidence in humans is inconclusive.

    Olive leaf extract
    Olive Leaf Extract

    Where is antioxidant benefits of olive leaf extract applied? The following will give you answer:

    Ⅰ. Cardiovascular

    Prevention of atherosclerosis and hardening of arteries.

    Laboratory experiments have shown that olive leaf compounds inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

    Oxidation of LDL is one of the first steps toward the thickening of arteries and progress towards the condition of atherosclerosis.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract would likely contribute to this benefit, also reducing the aggregation of blood platelets on inflamed arterial walls.

    While no studies have yet been conducted to show that olive leaf extract reverses atherosclerosis, anecdotal evidence of the gradual lowering of high blood pressure caused by hardened arteries suggests that an improvement is possible and even likely over time.

    Ⅱ. Arthritis

    Reduction of arthritic pain and swelling.

    Olive leaf seems to work very well for this in some people, and a habit of drinking olive leaf tea, using olive oil as a salad dressing and taking olive leaf extract supplements during severe bouts of arthritis would be a good long term strategy to prevent and counter rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract can be very effective in these situations.

    Ⅲ. Protection against radiation

    Another benefit of olive leaf extract concerns radiation and radiation therapy.

    Animal experiments show that olive leaf extract protects cell DNA from damage caused by x-ray radiation, when taken before or after treatment.

    Due to its powerful anti-oxidant activity, ionised particles are quenched so protecting healthy cells.

    This would apply to U-V radiation from the sun and oxidative stress caused by pollution or "passive smoking", a doctor or dentist's X-rays as well as leakage from a nuclear reactor or power station.

    Of course this should never happen, (but neither should a Tsunami.)

    Ⅳ. Relief from Gout

    While not a result of its antioxidant activity, this benefit of olive leaf extract bears mentioning.

    Olive leaves are a traditional gout remedy in Mediterranean regions.

    A recent study by the University of Leipzig, Germany put scientific weight behind this traditional folk remedy. The enzyme Xanthine Oxidase, known to contribute to the development of gout was inhibited by a number of the components of olive leaves.

    Similar to the benefits of olive leaf extract, that of polygonum cuspidatum extract, resveratrol and soybean extract is also available, but olive leaf extract is superior.

    PS: The above may involve specialized knowledge, Chinese herbal medicine does not mean no toxic side effects. So please be cautious to take it and do not believe in the online medication recommendations.

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