• Where to Buy Quality Yohimbe Bark Extract Supplement?
  • We know, yohimbe is an evergreen tree that grows in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon. Yohimbe bark extract supplement contains the active chemical yohimbine, also known as indole alkaloid, and is found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree.

    But yohimbe bark is on the FDA list of dangerous supplements. The levels of yohimbine that are present in yohimbe bark extract are variable and often very low. Therefore, although yohimbe bark has been used traditionally to alleviate male erectile dysfunction, there is not enough scientific evidence to form a definitive conclusion in this area.

    Yohimbe bark extract
    Yohimbe bark extract

    Yohimbe bark extracts are widely used for curing sexual dysfunction that resulted from tension, pressure and fatigue. Meanwhile, it could also increase the strain of sexual muscle, which is provided with the urine repressing function with no damnification. In addition, it could speed energy circulation of body to increase the energy supply. At present, it is mainly used as the raw material of nourishi-ment in improving sexual performance. It has also shown to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction caused by psychological reasons, like stress, tension or fatigue, combats weight loss.

    Yohimbine has also been used for xerostomia, as a blood pressure boosting agent in autonomic failure, and as a probe for noradrenergic activity.

    The addition of yohimbine to fluoxetine or venlafaxine has also been found to increase the antidepressant action of both of these agents.

    Yohimbine has been used to facilitate recall of traumatic memories in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Use of yohimbine outside of therapeutic settings may not be appropriate for persons suffering from PTSD. In pharmacology, yohimbine is used as a probe for α2-adrenoceptor. In veterinary medicine, yohimbine is used to reverse anesthesia from the drug xylazine in small and large animals.

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