• White Willow Bark Extract with Natural Aspirin-Salicin
  • Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid,is often used in the treatment of a number of conditions,including fever,pain,rheumatic fever,and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis,pericarditis,and Kawasaki disease.Lower doses of aspirin have also shown to reduce the risk of death from a heart attack,or the risk of stroke in some circumstance.

    The active ingredient of Aspirin was first discovered from the bark of the willow tree.German and French scientists isolated the plant’s active ingredient-salicin.A decade later,European chemists manufactured salicylic acid from salicin,a chemical related to aspirin.Aspirin was later created from salicin later.

    White willow bark extract

    In another word,salicin is the precusor substance of Aspirin.it is the natural raw material to produce the drug-aspirin.

    Salicin is an anti-inflammatory agent that is produced fromwillow bark.which was used as an analgesic,anti-inflammatory,and antipyretic.Concentrations of salicin are highest in the bark of the white willow and Salix alba is the most popular species used for medicinal purposes.

    Researches show salicin from White Willow Bark Extract is metabolized in body to form salicylic acid,which reduces inflammation,pain and fever.Even though this herb is slower acting than aspirin,the beneficial effects last longer and has fewer side effects than aspirin.So salicin can be used by health-care products factory directly.

    We Finesky supply salicin with specification15%,25% and 50% to the manufacture in pharmaceutical and health-care products industry.We obtain the raw material white willow bark from its producing area.Our products are pure nature without any additive,one more thing, it is Halal certificate product.

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