• Xi'an FineSky Echinacea Extract's anti-inflammatory, anti-viral help Cure the common cold
  • 1. What isEchinaceaExtract? EchinaceaPurpureaHerbEchinaceaisanherbwhichisverypopularforusewithcoldsandflu.EchinaceawasusedforcenturiesbynativeAmericansbeforethearrivalofEuropeanexplorers.Inthe1800s,usesofEchinaceatookoffintheUnitedStatesandtheherbbecamepopularinEuropeaswell.EchinaceaisusedinmanyWest
  • 2016/07/29
  • FineSky Citrus aurantium extract help you lose weight and clean the blood
  • Whats Citrus aurantium extract? Bitterorange,alsoknownasSevilleorange,sourorange,bigaradeorange,andmarmaladeorange,referstoacitrustree(Citrusaurantium)anditsfruit.ItishybridbetweenCitrusmaximaandCitrusreticulata.Manyvarietiesofbitterorangeareusedfortheiressentialoil,whichisusedinperfumeandasaflavori
  • 2016/07/29
  • FineSky Natural Genipin 98% for Colorant and Crosslinking agent
  • Genipin is an aglycone derived from an iridoid glycoside called Geniposide present in fruit of Gardenia jasmindides Ellis. Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for protein, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linking. It has much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and many other commonly used
  • 2016/04/18
  • Xi'an FineSky Flax Seed Extract Lignans(as SDG)for estrogen-dependent diseases
  • About Flax Seed Extract SDG is a plant lignan most notably found in flaxseed (linseed). SDG is classified as a phytoestrogen since it is a plant-derived, nonsteroid compound that possesses estrogen-like activity. SDG has weak estrogenic activity. The level of SDG in flaxseed typically varies between
  • 2016/04/12
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