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  • Product Name: Goji berry (Wolfberry) extract Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L Part used: Fruit Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder Goji berry contains many macro nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fats and dietary fiber. For a serving of 100 grams of wolfberry, there are around 370 calories. It al
  • 2016/01/12
  • FineSky Sophora flavescens Extract Matrine 98%, Oxymatrine 98%
  • 1. About SophoraflavescensExtract rb Medicine Sophora flavescens Sophoraflavescensextractisanherbalpowderderivedfromtherootofthesophoraflavescensplant.IthasalonghistoryofmedicinaluseinChina,whereitisstillusedtohelptreatawiderangeofdiseasesincludingdysentery,edemaandeczema. ProductName Sophoraflavesc
  • 2016/01/05
  • FineSky Acai Berry Extract is on hot sale,welcome your inquiry!
  • Introduction Acai Berry Extract is harvested from the Brazilian rain-forest and has been used for thousands of years by the natives of Brazil. The Brazilian natives believe the Acai berry to have amazing healing and nutritional properties. The nutritional content of Acai is truly amazing, but what r
  • 2015/12/30
  • Traditional Chinese medicine Red Yeast Rice Powder help lower cholesterol
  • What is red yeast rice? Red yeast rice is rice that has been fermented by the red yeast, Monascus purpureus. It has been used by the Chinese for many centuries as a food preservative, food colorant (it is responsible for the red color of Peking duck), spice, and an ingredient in rice wine. Red yeast
  • 2015/12/22
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