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  • Isolation of Geniposide and Genipin Endo and Taguchi isolated geniposide and genipin using the following method in 1973.� This method is still used however, some modifications have been made.� Figure 5 shows the reaction. 1. The Gardenia jasminoides Ellis fruits are crushed. 2. The crushed fruit
  • 2015/12/16
  • 100% Natural Olive leaf extract Hydroxytyrosol 2.5%-30% Powder
  • Olive Leaf Extract The Olive Leaf Extract s active ingredient is oleuropein. Oleuropein and its metabolite hydroxytyrosol have been claimed to have numerous healthy prosperities. Oleuropein imparts some important antioxidant benefits to the user. Hydroxytyrosol (3,4-dihydroxyphenylethanol) is a phys
  • 2015/11/23
  • Genipin (98% by HPLC) process flow chart
  • 2015/11/16
  • Genipin (98% by HPLC) - An Excellent Natural Cross-linker
  • Genipin (98% by HPLC) - An Excellent Natural Cross-linker - Molecular formula: C 11 H 14 O 5 Molecular weight: 226.226 g/mol CAS number: 6902-77-8 IUPAC name: Methyl ( 1R,2R,6S )-2-hydroxy-9-(hydroxymethyl)-3-oxabicyclo[4.3.0]nona-4,8-diene-5-carboxylate Genipin (structure on the top) is an aglycone
  • 2015/11/09
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