• Gymnema sylvestre extract for Reducing blood fat, Hypoglycemic effect and lose weight!
  • Gymnema sylvestre extract : Gymnema sylvestre, Chinese medicine name. The roots or tender shoots of the Gymnema sylvestre (Retz.) Schult. Distribution in Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places. People use Gymnema, climbing plant, as a remedy for snake bite woun
  • 2018/10/12
  • Black garlic extract for prevention of diabetes and hypertension!
  • Black Garlic Black garlic, also known as black garlic, fermented black garlic, is made of fresh raw garlic, with the skin on the high temperature and humidity of the fermentation tank fermentation about 90 days, let the natural fermentation made of food. On the basis of preserved the original garlic
  • 2018/10/12
  • FineSky specialized in manufacturing genipin 98%,99%(CAS 6902-77-8),welcome your inquiry!
  • Genipin powder98%, 99% from Gardenia extract Introduction Genipin is a chemical compound found in gardenia fruit extract. It is an aglycone derived from an iridoid glycoside called geniposide present in fruit of Gardenia jasminoides. Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collage
  • 2018/09/29
  • Olive leaf extract Hydroxytyrosol 20% with competitive price on hot sale!
  • Olive leaf extract It is extracted from the leaf of Olea Europaea L,which is is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin as well as northern Iraq, and northern Iran at the south of the Caspian Sea.It is cultivated in china in 1964
  • 2018/09/29
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