• Artichoke Extract
  • Details of Artichoke Extract:

    Botanical Source:              Cynara scolymus L

    Used Part:                           Leaf and Stem

    Specification:                     2.5% 5% Cynarin , 1% 2%Chlorogenic Acid

    Analysis:                             UV/HPLC

    Function of Artichoke Extract:

    Liver benefit,

    Improve Digestion,

    prevent heart disease and artherosclerosis.

    Sources of Artichoke Extract

    It is extracted form the leaf and stem of Cynara scolymus L.Artichoke flowers and leaves possess a number of health benefits and can be eaten raw or added as additional flavor to various dishes.The leaf has been used as a medicinal plant in Europe for centuries. As a traditional medicine, artichoke has been used primarily for enhancing liver function and historically used as therapy for poor digestion. In modern pharmacological assays, artichoke leaf extracts have shown antibacterial, antioxidative, nti-HIV, bile-expelling, hepatoprotective, urinative, and choleretic activities as well as the ability to inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis and LDL oxidation(1-5).

    Ingredients of Artichoke Extract







    Analysis and Specification of Artichoke Extract





    Brown Fine Powder



    Assay (HPLC)

    Chlorogenic Acid≥1.10%

    Sieve analysis 

    100% pass 80 mesh

    Loss on Drying 




    Heavy Metal 








    Residual Solvents 


    Irradiation Status



    Total Plate Count 


    Yeast & Moulds 







    Ingredients of Artichoke Extract

    Liver benefit

    Artichoke extract can improve the functioning of major organs such as the liver. It can help to prevent damage to the liver and helps the detoxification process of the body. (6.) In rats pretreated with artichoke extract, significant decreases in plasma transaminase activities and amelioration in histopathological changes in the liver were observed following CCl4 treatment as compared to CCl4-treated rats. In addition, hepatic MDA and DC levels decreased, but GSH levels and GSH-Px activities increased without any change in other antioxidant parameters following CCl4 treatment in artichoke-pretreated rats. The present findings indicate that in vivo architoke extract administration may be useful for the prevention of oxidative stress-induced hepatotoxicity.(7)

    Improve Digestion

    Artichoke is a traditional herb of curing digestive disease.A recent post-marketing study indicated that high doses of standardised artichoke leaf extract (ALE) may reduce symptoms of dyspepsia. To substantial these findings, this study investigated the efficacy of a low-dose ALE on amelioration of dyspeptic symptoms and improvement of quality of life. The study was an open, dose-ranging postal study. Healthy patients with self-reported dyspepsia were recruited through the media. The Nepean Dyspepsia Index and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were completed at baseline and after 2 months of treatment with ALE, which was randomly allocated to volunteers as 320 or 640 mg daily.so Artichoke shows promise to ameliorate upper gastro-intestinal symptoms and improve quality of life in otherwise healthy subjects suffering from dyspepsia(8).

    Prevent heart disease and artherosclerosis

    Artichoke leaf extract can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, which can help prevent heart disease. It can break down cholesterol, and increased bile production helps to remove it from the system. It can also prevent the liver from producing too much cholesterol(6).

    Reference about Artichoke Extract

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