• Betaine
  • Details of Betaine

    Product Name:             Betaine

    Other Name:                 TMG( trimethylglycine )

    Plant Source:                Beta vulgaris.L.

    CAS NO.:                      107-43-7

    MF:                                 C5H11NO2

    MW:                                117.15

    Structure of Betaine:


    Function of Betaine:

    1.Betaine protect internal organs(heart,liver&kidney),and is very important in many cellular function.

    2.Betaine has excellent moisturizing efficacy and can prevent dryness,making skin transparent and bright.

    3.Betaine protects against dehydration and other types stress.and prompt protein synthesize.

    Application of Betaine:

    1.Betaine is widely used in pharmaceutical industry.

    2.Betaine is widely used in animal feeds.

    3.Betaine is widely used in natural cosmetic products.

    Sources of Betaine

    Beta vulgaris.L.

    Specification of Betaine

      Xi’an FineSky Technological Co., Ltd.
    Product Name Betaine
    Appearance  White Fine Powder 
    Odor  Characteristic 
    Assay (HPLC) ≧98.0%
    Sieve analysis  100% pass 80 mesh 
    Loss on Drying  ≤2.0%   
    Ash ≤0.1%
    Solubility  160g/100ml
    Chloride ≤0.01%
    Sulfate <10ppm
    Heavy Metal  <10ppm
     Pb  <2ppm
     As <0.5ppm
     Hg <1ppm
    Total Plate Count  <1000cfu/g
    Yeast & Moulds <100cfu/g
    E.Coli  Negative 
    Salmonella Negative

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