• Goji Extract
  • Details of Goji Extract:

    Botanical Source:             Lycium barbarum L

    Used Part:                         Berry

    Specification:                    40%,50% Polysaccharides

    Analysis:                            UV

    Function of Goji Extract

    Immune regulation.

    Anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue.

    Anti-aging, anti-cancer, reducing serum lipid, protect liver, benefit on diabetes.

    Sources of Goji Extract

    It is extracted from the dry berry of Lycium barbarum L.,which is named Goqizi and included in chinese pharmacopea .It is used as a traditional chinese medicine for 2000 years.Goqizi is famous in china and can be used in food,supplement diteary and nutrition now.Current study indicate that qoqizi have many nutritional ingredients .it can be improve the immune system,protect liver,benefit on heart and so on(1.2) .


    Ingredients of Goji Extract

    Goji polysacharride is the most important ingredients that do benefit on human.it is easily soluble in water.Recent studys indicate goji polysacharrides can improve the immnune function,anti-aging ,decreasing the serum-lipid,anticancer and so on(3) .

          goji        goji extract

    Specification of Goji Extract





    Red-Brown fine powder



    Assay (UV)


    Sieve analysis 

    100% pass 80 mesh 

    Loss on Drying 




    Heavy Metal 








    Residual Solvent



    Total Plate Count 


    Yeast & Moulds 







    Study of Goji Extract

    Immune regulation

    Li Lei Study the effects of Goqi polysaccharides supplementation immune function in volley Ball rowing athletes.,he find supplementation of LBP could improve the cell immune function and humoral immune function in volleyball athletes.4 Lycium barbarum Polysaccharide(LBP) had positive adjustment function for immune system of organism. The effects of LBP on humoral immune , cellular immune , mononuclear-macrophage , NKcells, plaque-formingcells, dendritic cells, cytokines, receptor expression, erythrocytic immune ,signal transduction, neuro-endocrine-immunity network etc were reviewed. LBP had active effect to humoral immune , cellular immune , erythrocytic immune , receptor expression, signal transduction and neuro-endocrine-immunity network. Also it could accelerate the funtions of mononuclear-macrophage ,NKcells, plaque2forming cells, dendritic cells and cytokines 5.

    Anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue

    Fan Zhen-jiang,Zong wei study the anti-fatigue and anti-hypoxia effects of Chinese wolfberry wine,some experiments were done in mice.Th eresults showed that Chinese wolfberry wine could prolong the weight-loaded swimming time and survival time (P<0.05orP<0.01),and had an active effect on lowering the blood lactic acid level(P<0.01)and increase the liver starch in mice (P<0.01).Chinese wolfberrywine can enhance the function of body and hasthe effects ofanti-hypoxiaandanti-fatigue6.

    Other pharmacological study

    Anti-aging,anti-cancer,reducing serum lipid,protect liver,benefit on diabetes,etc(7-9).

    Reference of Goji Extract

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