• Hops Extract
  • Details of Hops Extract:

    Botanical Source:              Humulus lupulus

    Used Part:                           Flower

    Specification:                      Ratio

    Analysis:                              TLC

    Function of Hops Extract




    Benefit on diabetes, wakefulness, digestive etc.

    Sources of Hops Extract

    Hops(Humulus lupulus) is a dioecious, perennial, herbaceous climbing plant which sends up new shoots in early spring and dies back to a cold-hardy rhizome in autumn. Strictly speaking it is a bine rather than a vine, using its own shoots to act as supports for new growth.The female inflorescences of hops, well-known as bittering agent in brewing industry, have long been used in traditional medicine mainly to treat sleep disturbances. Other traditional applications of hops as stomachic, antibacterial and antifungal remedy have been supported by in vivo and/or in vitro investigations. In recent years some prenylated chalcones present in hops have received much attention for their biological effects: in particular, xanthohumol has been shown to exert cancer chemopreventive activity in in vitro experiments, while 8-prenylnaringenin has been characterized as one of the most potent phytoestrogens isolated until now(1, 2)

    Ingredients of Hops Extract

    Alpha acids (AA):humulone,isohumulone,cohumulone,adhumulone etc.

    Beta acids (BA):lupulone,eolupulone,adlupulone etc.3

    Flavones such as Xanthohumol,as 8-prenylnaringenin and isoxanthohumol.4

    Specification of Hops Extract





    Brown-yellow fine Powder 



    Assay (TLC)

    Ratio 10:1

    Sieve analysis 

    100% pass 80 mesh 

    Loss on Drying 




    Heavy Metal 








    Residual Solvent



    Total Plate Count 


    Yeast & Moulds 







    Study of Hops Extract


    The antimicrobial activity of hop extracts in food appeared to increase with acidity and lower fat content. Our results indicate that hop extracts could be used to control L. monocytogenes in minimally processed food with low fat content 5.Seven naturally derived components from hop plant (Humulus lupulus L.) extracts were tested for evaluation of biological activities affecting acne vulgaris. Five strains, Propionibacterium acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Kocuria rhizophila and, Staphylococcus pyogenes, were selected as the main acne-causing bacteria. Hop extracts xanthohumol and the lupulones showed strong inhibitory activities against all of the strains. Although hydrogenated derivatives did not show the same level of activity, naturally occurring xanthohumol, humulones, and lupulones all showed moderate to strong anticollagenase inhibitory activities.6


    As the population ages, there is an ever-increasing need for therapeutic agents that can be used safely and efficaciously to manage symptoms related to postmenopausal estrogen deficiency.Folkloric, chemical, and biological literature relating primarily to the use of hops for their estrogenic activity, and two human clinical trials, are reviewed(7).Wang Jiangbi etal studythe Effect of Hops extract on Ovariectomized Obese Rats.the result indicate Hops extract has the extrogen effect relating to increasing the senstive of insulin and increasing the total anti-oxidant capacity(8).R. Erkkola,S. Vervarcke studythe efficacy of a hop extract (standardized at 100 μg 8-prenylnaringenin per day) for relief of menopausal discomforts.A 16-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study was conducted with 36 menopausal women.Whereas the first treatment period resulted in similar reductions in menopausal discomforts in both treatment groups, results from the second treatment period suggest superiority of the standardized hop extract over placebo. Thus, phytoestrogen preparations containing this standardized hop extract may provide an interesting alternative to women seeking relief of mild vasomotor symptoms(9).


    Antioxidant capacity was also evaluated with seven different methods based on different reactive oxygen species. Xanthohumol showed the highest activity in total oxygen radical absorbance capacity as well as singlet oxygen absorbance capacity6.

    Other function of Hops Extract

    Benefit on diabetes,wakefulness,digestive etc.

    Reference of Hops Extract

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