• Olive Leaf Extract
  • Details of Olive Leaf Extract:

    Botanical Source:             Olea Europaea L

    Used Part:                          Leaf

    Specification:                    10%,20%,40%,50%,60% Oleuropein

    Analysis:                             HPLC

    Function of Olive Leaf Extract:

    Antioxidants ,free radical scavenger,

    Antiviral activity and antimicrobial,

    Slow down cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.


            Olive Leaf Extract        Olive Leaf Extract


    Sources of Olive Leaf Extract

    It is extracted from the leaf of Olea Europaea L,which is is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin as well as northern Iraq, and northern Iran at the south of the Caspian Sea.It is cultivated in china in 1964.

    The olive tree, Olea europaea, is an evergreen tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. It is short and squat, and rarely exceeds 8–15 metres in height. However, the Pisciottana, a unique variety comprising 40,000 trees found only in the area around Pisciotta in the Campania region of southern Italy often exceeds 8–15 metres with correspondingly large trunk diameters. The silvery green leaves are oblong, measuring 4–10 centimetres long and 1–3 centimetres wide. The trunk is typically gnarled and twisted.The small white, feathery flowers, with ten-cleft calyx and corolla, two stamens and bifid stigma, are borne generally on the previous year's wood, in racemes springing from the axils of the leaves.The fruit is a small drupe 1–2.5 centimetres (0.39–0.98 in) long, thinner-fleshed and smaller in wild plants than in orchard cultivars.

    Olive tree leaves were traditionally boiled and the liquid was used for therapeutic remedies.

    Ingredients of Olive Leaf Extract

    Oleuropein is the most important phenolic component in Mediterranean diet associated with low incidence of coronary heart disease(CHD) and certain cancers. It also related to longevity.Oleuropein and its metabolite hydroxytyrosol have powerful antioxidant activity both in vivo and in vitro and give extra-virgin olive oil its bitter, pungent taste. Oleuropein preparations have been claimed for several pharmacological effects[1] . A study in rats suggests oleuropein enhances thermogenesis by increasing the thermogenin content in brown adipose tissue and the secretion of noradrenaline and adrenaline.[2]


    Specification of Olive Leaf Extract





    Yellow Brown Fine Powder




    10%,20% ,40%


    100% through 80 mesh

    Loss on drying




    Heavy Metal





    Total Bacteria


    Yeast & Mold







    Study of Olive Leaf Extract

    Antioxidants,free radical scavenger

    The olive leaf extract correlated with their higher antioxidant and radical scavenging.These results indicate that olive leaf contains significant amounts of oleuropein and phenolics, important factors for antioxidant capacity[3]These extracts own their antioxidative properties to their high oleuropein content (19% w/w) and also to a lesser amount of flavonoids (1.8% w/w with 0.8% of luteolin 7-glucoside [4]

    Antiviral activity and antimicrobial

    A commercial plant extract derived from olive tree leaf (Olea europaea) (LExt) and its major compound, oleuropein (Ole), inhibited the in vitro infectivity of the viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV), a salmonid rhabdovirus [5],. olive leaf extract was not broad-spectrum in antimicrobial action, showing appreciable activity only against H. pylori, C. jejuni, S. aureus and MRSA. Given this specific activity, olive leaf extract may have a role in regulating the composition of the gastric flora by selectively reducing levels of H. pylori and C. Jejuni.3[6] Furthermore, the antimicrobial effect of the combined phenolics was significantly higher than those of the individual phenolics. [7] This study indicates that olive leaf extract might be a valuable bioactive source, and would seem to be applicable in both the health and medical food.

    Slow down cardiovarscular and neurodegenerative diseases

    The phenolic fraction extracted from the leaves of the olive tree, which contains significant amounts of oleuropein, prevents lipoprotein oxidation. In addition, oleuropein has shown cardioprotective effect against acute adriamycin cardiotoxicity and an anti-ischemic and hypolipidemic activities. Recently, oleuropein has shown neuroprotection by forming a non-covalent complex with the Aβ peptide, which is a key hallmark of several degenerative diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. [8]

    Reference of Olive Leaf Extract

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