• St. John's Wort Extract
  • Description of St. John's Wort Extract:

    St. John's wort extract has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and treat depression. It also has been used to dress wounds, heal deep cuts, smooth burns and ease the pain of neuralgias. Taken internally, it has been used for ulcers and gastritis. An infusion of the herb has also been used as an expectorant for bronchitis, a diuretic for the kidneys and an easing agent for menstrual cramps.

    Sources of St. John's Wort Extract

    St.John's wort is widely known as an herbal treatment for depression.St.John's wort also alleviated age-related long-term memory impairment .

    Hypericum perforatum is a perennial herb from Hypericum. According to the latest results of an experimental study, confirmed by the hypericin in Hypericum perforatum extracts, to treat patients with moderate depression, and very few adverse side effects .

    Ingredients of St. John's Wort Extract

    Hypericin  0.3%

    Specification of St. John's Wort Extract

    Item Specification
    Active Ingredient  
    hypericin 0.3%
    Physical Control  
    Identification Positive
    Appearance brown yellow fine powder
    Odor Characteristic
    Taste Characteristic
    Sieve Analysis 100% pass 80 mesh
    Loss on Drying 5% Max
    Ash 3% Max
    Chemical Control  
    Arsenic (As) NMT 2ppm
    Lead (Pb) NMT 2ppm
    Heavy Metals 20ppm Max
    Microbiological Control  
    Total Plate Count 5000cfu/g Max
    Yeast & Mold 100cfu/g Max
    E.Coli Negative
    Salmonella Negative

    Study of St. John's Wort Extract

    1.Applied in health product field, to be added into the health food can enhance immunity

    2.Anti-depressive and sedative properties;

    3.Effective remedy for the nervous system, relaxing tension, and anxiety and lifting the spirits;

    4.Enhancing the effect of neurotransmitters in the brain;

    5.it has significant support in the treatment of mild to modere depression ,can also help to control appetite and promotes weight loss

    6.To prevent against bacterial infections

    7.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can serve as the security nerve nutrition. In Europe, it is mainly used as antidepressants.

    Reference of St. John's Wort Extract

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